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RNS:: HoHo is a universal Cell Phone RINGTONES and System MIDI files (ALARMS, RINGTONES) creator, editor, player & converter.

You can edit ringtones, play ringtones, and create ringtones for your cell phone.
You can convert ringtones from one cell phone standard to another.
You can convert ringtones to system MIDI sounds to use them as MIDI alarms in Date Book, Note Book, etc. or as ringtone for Handspring Treo or Palm Tungsten W.
You can edit Alarms with the MIDI Editor Plug-in (included)!
Currently available (and included) ringtone Format plug-ins are:
- Nokia & Nokia KPSF
- Ericsson (EMelody, iMelody)
- Siemens
- Motorola & Motorolall
- Panasonic & Panasonic KPSF
- Alcatel

Currently available (and included) Keyboard plug-ins are:
- Piano - for professional music creation
- Staff - for copying the music from the print

Currently available (and included) MIDI plug-ins are:
- MIDI Export - convert your Ringtones to System Alarms (.mid)
- MIDI Manager - play, rename and delete System Alarms (.mid)
- MIDI Import - get your System Alarms (.mid) back to HoHo
- MIDI Editor - edit your System Alarms (.mid) without data loss

Currently available (and included) Ringtone plug-ins are:
- Ringtone Save - save and load your Ringtones from Memo Pad
- Ringtone Editor - edit and print your Ringtones
- Instruments - playback with use of 128 synthetized MIDI instruments