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InstaCue is a Mac based software solution for organized, instantaneous professional audio playback. Similar to, but more flexible than, Instant Replay hardware boxes. InstaCue is ideal for live events, game shows, theater and sports stadiums — anywhere music, voice over announcements and sounds effects are needed.
Live event professionals require control and organization of content and InstaCue provides a solution with 3 core elements, Clips, Panels and Show files. Clips can be any Quicktime compatible audio files like m4a, mp3, AAC or Apple Lossless. Clips are added to Panels for organization and application of custom playback attributes like Fade In, Fade Out, Cross Fade, Loop, Gain and Volume level controls. And, all attributes are nondestructive to the original files. Show files save all Clip and Panel data for complete show recall.
InstaCue keyboard shortcuts or on-screen show controls allow clips to be played instantly, in any order, individually or even layering multiple clips simultaneously.