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Pedalware Foot Pedal Software

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Pedalware is free foot pedal software that controls a computer from a foot pedal including: word processors, games, media players, transcription, dictation, audio, voice recorder, etc. You can also set your footpedal to work like the buttons on your mouse or as particular keys on your keyboard.

Pedable is also great for people who are typing the same phrases over and over since it lets you insert custom text simply by pressing your footpedal. This clever little piece of software will increase your productivity and make getting through your day-to-day tasks a breeze.

Pedalware Software Features:

* Simulate keystrokes on a keyboard
* Simulate mouse clicks (left and right click)
* Insert custom text
* Runs computer applications
* Run other predefined commands
* Will automatically detect your foot pedal when connected
* Quick and Easy setup wizard
* Runs in the background so it is never in the way

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