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Wondershare iTunBack is an easy-to-use transfer tool to copy
contents from iPhone, iPad or iPod to iTunes. It can copy
music, movies, playlists, tv shows, podcasts, ringtones,
voice memos, books, audiobooks to your iTunes library,
without deleting the original contents on your Apple device.
Every iPod owner many need to get the contents of their
iPods back to their computer. Unfortunately, iTunes only
allows for a one-way synchronization—copy from a computer to
your iPod. If you want to copy files in another way around,
iTunBack is your best choice.
iTunBack is there when you need to:
1. Get songs, videos off the iPod to your computer.
2. Make a backup of your iPod
3. Retrieve accidental deletion of songs, videos and
playlists in iTunes, if these are still on your iPod.
4. Rebuild and restore your iTunes library on a new/fixed
5. Sync one iPod between two computers.
6. Compare and merge any two music libraries