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AVS Clone CD
Backup your audio CDs with exact copies with AVS Clone CD! Just insert your audio CD in one CD-drive and after a few easy steps eject its copy from the other CD-drive.
Outstanding Best Music Organizer
Music Organizer, good music organizer software developed to organize all music tracks. Get the best music organizer, automatic music organizer application, the MP3 music organizer utility as office computer top music organizer.
Best Duplicate MP3 Finder Software
Best Duplicate MP3 Finder Software - find duplicate MP3 with the Best Duplicate MP3 Finder. Automatic best duplicate MP3 finder software and extra best duplicate MP3 finder program can find MP3 duplicates. Find Duplicate MP3 - Download the best now!
Best Duplicate MP3 Remover
Best Duplicate MP3 Remover - remove duplicate MP3 with the Best Duplicate MP3 Remover. Automatic best duplicate MP3 remover application and computer best duplicate MP3 remover software removes duplicate MP3s. Remove MP3 Duplicate - Download the best!
Best Duplicate Music Remover
Best Duplicate Music Remover - easily remove duplicate music with the Best Duplicate Music Remover. Automatically remove music duplicates with the best duplicate music remover, PC best duplicate music remover tool. Remove Duplicate Music - Download!
Best Duplicate Song Finder Software
Best Duplicate Song Finder Software - find duplicate songs with the Best Duplicate Song Finder. Find song duplicates with computer best duplicate song finder. Find Duplicate Songs - Download the best duplicate song finder software!
Best Duplicate Song Remover
Best Duplicate Song Remover - remove duplicate songs with the Best Duplicate Song Remover software. Remove song duplicates with the best duplicate song remover and extra best duplicate song remover software. Remove Duplicate Songs - Download now!
Best MP3 Organizer Application
Best MP3 Organizer Application - organize music with the Best MP3 Organizer. The best MP3 organizer software, PC best MP3 organizer tool, extra best MP3 organizer program organizes all MP3. Organize MP3 - Download the best MP3 organizer application!
Best MP3 Organizer Program
Best MP3 Organizer Program - organize MP3 music with the Best MP3 Organizer. Just download the best MP3 organizer tool, PC best MP3 organizer software and automatic best MP3 organizer to organize MP3s. Organize MP3- Download the best MP3 organizer!
Best MP3 Sorter Software
Best MP3 Sorter Software - sort MP3 files with the Best MP3 Sorter Software. Download the best MP3 sorter program, PC best MP3 sorter software and extra best MP3 sorter tool to sort MP3s. Sort MP3 - Download the best MP3 sorter!
Best Music Sorter Software
Best Music Sorter Software - easily sort music with the Best Music Sorter. Automatically sort music files with the best music sorter tool, computer best music sorter application and PC best music sorter. Sort Music - Download the best music sorter!
Bigasoft iPod Transfer
Bigasoft iPod Transfer helps to transfer media files between iPod/iPhone/iPad and computer in just one click. It can copy iPod songs, movies back to computer and import computer files to iTunes to enrich your library.
Bigasoft WTV Converter
Bigasoft WTV Converter is professional WTV conversion software for converting WTV files to all popular video and audio formats. It supports batch conversions and allows video editing such as video crop, trim, and merge, split to fit your unique needs
Audio ToolBox
Audio Toolbox is an audio function generator for the Macintosh. Using no additional hardware, you can produce sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms of any frequency up to 22 kHz, as well as generate noise - both pink and white.
Blaze DVD Copy
With one click solution,you can replicate or archive your favorite DVD movies and the copied disc will work well on most popular home players of the 1:1 copy.
ID3 Lab
ID3 Lab allows you to quickly add id3 tags to your mp3 files. It supports both ID3v1 and ID3v2 ensuring that all media devices new and old can read the files details.
With iPod2PC you can easily sync your songs and playlists from your iPod back to your iTunes music library or to any folder on your PC. It supports automatic synchronization, which will search and select all missing songs and playlists automaticall.
DVD Ghost
DVD Ghost is a very useful utility to make your DVD player software and DVD copy/backup softwares restriction-free, and copy/backup DVD to hard disk. It removes all kinds of restrictions (CSS, RPC Region code, RCE, APS, UOPS etc.) from DVDs.
DVD X Utilities
DVD X Utility is the complete solution for DVD Playback/copying/authoring.The suite covers the full spectrum of DVD video software. The cutting-edge function aggregate leverages your traditional DVD utilizing ways.
Total Audio Tags
Total Audio Tags is a powerful tool to help you view, add, delete or edit tags of your audio files. Tags to edit: title, album, artist, track, genre, year, composer, copyright, language, encoder, file Size, bitrate, duration, channels, sample rate.