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For quite a long time, teachers have been delivering presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow. PowerPoint is easy to operate and it allows teachers to create slideshow presentation without too much pain. Compared to blackboard and chalk writing, PowerPoint presentation on screens with digital advantages can interact with students to some extent. Teachers no longer need to prepare and take notes for a blackboard-and-chalk presentation, but with a slideshow presentation, they can present a lot more with mouse clicks or keyboard or a laser pointer.

Powerful as PowerPoint is, it has some drawbacks. One of the most obvious disadvantages is that it requires the presenter and anyone who wants to view it to install this set of software. And as the desire for better experience increases, PowerPoint presentation's slide to slide mode seems to lack interactivity. However, free multimedia presentation software won't bring teachers such troubles. And Focusky is one of the best choices to help teachers to create awesome presentations.

PPT to Zooming & Panning Presentation Free

Novelty will always attract the audience more easily, and this is of no exception for presentation. Students are too familiar with PowerPoint presentation and this slide to slide experience is losing its freshness and thus popularity. But a zooming and panning experience can revitalize the presentation, which will delight the students. And Focusky can help you convert MS PowerPoint slideshow into zooming and panning presentation. You can also create from scratch with preset templates.
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Rich Media & Interactive

In addition to enabling you to convert PPT to engaging presentation with zooming and panning effect, this free multimedia presentatiosn software allows you to enrich the presentation with rich media.

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