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Looking for free non linear presentation software to create interactive and professional-looking presentations? When we ask presenters about presentation software that can help us make non-linear presentation, most of them will highly recommend Prezi. Then here we are going to show you other free non-linear presentation software called Focusky. Focusky offers desktop client, web based app and app for mobile devices in order to help you give a presentation anywhere and anytime. Here we will show you how to use free non linear presentation software Focusky to express your points visually.

Brand-new Presentation Experiences Free

Nowadays, presenters are trying hard to find an effective way to create impressive presentation to wow their audiences. Focusky is a perfect choice to create stylish and impressive online and offline presentation for conferences, classes, training and more. It offers brand-new presentation experiences which is with animation and 3D effect to help you give a successful presentation.
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Highlight Points Easily

The non-linear presentation software Focusky allows you to control your presentation in a free way. You are able to see the whole presentation and you can zoom in the points you are interested in. However, presentation with lots of words is really bored. Why don't try to insert video, images slide show, graphic and more multimedia contents to enlarge on the point and express it visually.

Customize Path of Presentation

In Free non-linear presentation software Focusky, you are able to customize path of your presentation in order to arrange presentation contents in a logic way. As a matter of a fact, it helps you to guide the readers to follow the mind of presenter and know exactly what is talking about.

Learn more: http://focusky.com/focusky-free-non-linear-presentation-software.php