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Nowadays, most of us are familiar with different kinks of presentations. There is the best free online presentation software that allow you to create online and offline wonderful presentation. Furthermore, you are able to share and embed your presentation with ease. As the technology develops rapidly, more and more prefer to use web based presentation tool to create online presentation for different purposes. Compared with traditional desktop solution, you don't have to install any software. Anyway, Focusky is one of the popular web based free online presentation software for creating and sharing your presentation online. Now follow us to know more wonderful features of free online presentation software Focusky.

Quick Upload PDF, PowerPoint File Free

Without a doubt, Focusky is powerful online platform for users to create online presentation with wonderful animation. For web based solution, you are able to create gorgeous presentation from PDF and PowerPoint file. For desktop solution of Focusky, you can create a wonderful presentation based on the templates it provides. And desktop solution allows you to publish presentation to cloud simply.

Fantastic Zooming Effect

One of the outstanding features of Focusky presentation software is fantastic zooming effect. Zooming effect features means you are able to zoom in the slide of presentation without limit. In other words, there is endless possibilities for you to making an impressive online presentation and engage your audiences.
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Fabulous Transition Animation

Fabulous transition animation makes the presentation more attractive and impressive. There is lots of transition animation effect such as rotate, slide and more for switching slides. Anyway, transition animation of Focusky helps you deliver a visual and interesting online presentation in a simple way.

Learn more: http://focusky.com/focusky-free-online-presentation-software.php