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I am sure that few of you haven't ever used Microsoft Office PowerPoint. It is the standard for slide presentation software and lays the blueprint from which all other software are created. But what's a pity, it is outdated. PowerPoint presentations are based on the old paper model. The slide after slide of static and carefully listed content fail to attract audience, in some way, bore them actually.

Have you imagined that your presentation can be zoomed and spun? The connection between slides is quite clear to audience? With Focusky, all these can come true! Focusky is a free PowerPoint to video converter, turning static slide-to-slide presentations into dynamic and interactive ones which can be published as video files.

A variety of templates Free

One of reasons for PowerPoint presentations being awful is a limited number of available templates. However, thanks to Focusky, no such problem can trouble you. There are over 100 free awesome templates. And more than 30 themed templates are available to make presentations for events and occasions like wedding, holiday, business, study and so on. The pre-made templates will prove to be helpful to make a good-looking presentation.
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Cool zooming effects

Contrary to PowerPoint, Focusky doesn't work with slides. Instead, all of your paths (equivalent to slides) are put on a big canvas where you offer dynamic presentations. You can navigate the canvas, and focus on different objects on paths by moving, zooming in for details. You are also free to decide the paths' location and scale to define relations and importance. Plus, turning an object to a path is a good way to highlight text, image or chart.

Learn more: http://focusky.com/focusky-free-powerpoint-to-video-converter.php