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As we all know, real estate presentations always include a large amount of data, such as the net margin, sales volume and so on. Besides that, we need to do a presentation to show the strength of our houses to our potential customers. So how to give a great presentation on the data processing and the description of the houses become more and more important in this competitive market. That is why the free presentation program is created. Focusky will help you to distinguish your presentation due to its customized function.

Smart Art Icon Available Free

When the real estate agents want to introduce their company, they need some charts or framework to make their presentations more clear. So do data presentation. The smart art icon is designed to meet your needs. You don't need to outline the charts and design the charts. Once you click the smart art icon, you can choose the beautiful and succinct charts. All you need to do is to add your content to the charts.

Zooming Effect

How to make a house sample attractive and informative in PPT is a difficult question to deal with for real estate agents. Focusky can help you to zoom in the messages you want to deliver either words or pictures. You can zoom in the house and the descriptions when you want to emphasize on them. Your potential customers will appreciate your vivid presentation.
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High Security

If you don't want to display your presentation online, we can help you to keep your data private in our Focusky cloud. Your data will never leak out because you are the one who has the Focusky account and code to login your account and edit your content on your homepage.

Learn more: http://focusky.com/focusky-free-presentation-program.php