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Prezi has changed our idea of presentation by revolutionizing the way of presenting. And its powerful features have gained it fame in this field. Prezi's non-linear presentation with relations and zooming effect has won over a large number of customers from Microsoft PowerPoint. And realizing the potential of modern presentation, more and more players are entering into this game. It's easy to search for Prezi alternatives, but few of them can really meet the needs.

Focusky, a free Prezi alternative, may be the best choice to help you create non-linear multimedia presentations with zooming and panning effect. And this online presentation creator can even make it easier and faster for you to share and distribute your online presentation.

Desktop Client & Online System Free

Focusky offers two solutions for you to create online presentation: desktop client and online system. You can download the desktop client (Windows or Mac) and install on your Windows PC or Mac computer so you can create zooming presentation from PPT or using pre-designed templates. And the online system allows you to make online presentation by uploading PPT file.

Rich Media & Animation

In addition to the zooming and panning effect, you can make the presentation more interactive by embedding multimedia elements such as video, YouTube, audio and flash. Besides, you can make it dynamic by enriching the embedded objects with animation transitions including entrance, exit and emphasis effect. This will help impress your audience.
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Online & Offline Sharing

In order to help you share and distribute the online presentation more easily and effectively, free Prezi alternative Focusky enables you to publish the presentation in optional forms.

Learn more: http://focusky.com/focusky-free-prezi-alternative.php