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Using Presentation Screen Master is a great way to do the private works in one computer (your laptop, for example), while your audience views part of the screen on a different monitor (projected on a larger screen, for example).

Presentation Screen Master offers the following tools to make it easier for you to present screen content:
1 You can present only selected area of the screen. Viewers will not be able to see any other content outside the area.
2 You can present an application on your computer. Viewers will not be able to see any other content on your desktop. For example if you’re presenting a Microsoft Word document and an IM message popped up, viewers would not see the IM message.
3 You can pause the screen presenting and then resume when you need to do some private work.
4 You can zoom in or out the presenting content.
5 You can annotate on the presenting.
6 You can add a cursor effect on the presenting.