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SpeakerTimerPro is a customizable speaker timer application with flexible font size and background colors that can be changed at user-defined times. Its custom configuration allows you to set the output digits as h:mm:ss / mm:ss / h:mm / mm / ss / or Auto to show only the necessary number of digits when counting up or counting down - numbers get larger as the count gets lower or numbers get smaller as the count goes up. SpeakerTimerPro features both count-up and count-down modes, and an ‘always on top' control mode for management from any application. Our unique Time Warp feature is invisible to presenters but allows subtle speed up of the counter to help get a show back on time.
By using modern Apple video adapters or third party converters, SpeakerTimerPro outputs fullscreen to any display device or switching system.*
*HD-SDI connections require 3rd party converters like BlackMagic Design or AJA mini converters. Video output devices like UltraStudio or T-Tap products are not compatible with SpeakerTimerPro.