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Motion Control EZ

Smith Optimal Solutions LLC
Java, Windows
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You’ve seen those cool three dimensional images on the History Channel, NFL and Olympics broadcasts, Discovery Channel, all over the place. The effect is called “Motion Control 3D.”

Now you can create that cool Motion Control 3D effect at home, on your own computer, for a fraction of the cost of the products that the pros use.

Motion Control EZ (MCEZ) is a simple-to-use, inexpensive-to-purchase product that runs on your home PC. All you need is an affordable image editor such as Paint Shop Pro or Gimp to split your images into multiple layers, and Motion Control EZ to create the Motion Control 3D effect.

The finished product types include QuickTime Movie (.mov), Microsoft AVI (.avi), and Animated GIF (.gif) files. These files can be used on your website, family DVDs, Digital Picture Frame, Facebook profile, for digital scrapbooking, and many other places.

Motion Control EZ is available for download and runs in Trial Mode until a license is purchased. Check out the examples on YouTube, user smithoptimalsolution, to see what you can do at home with your still images, for an affordable price.

Check out the product website for more information and product download.

Motion Control EZ makes Motion Control 3D...  EZ