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Movie Cutter is an application for Mac OSX with which you can cut and convert video files. By using the cursor keys together with Command-, ctrl- and alt-key you can cut the video exactly up to one frame or seek fast within a video. Movie Cutter supports all formats that are supported by Quicktime. By installing diverse Quicktime plugins you can import and export nearly any media format. By choosing sound only formats (like wave or mp3) you can export the sound of the movie.

Cutting movies with Movie Cutter is quite easy.

1. Add the Movie to the movie list. Do this by dragging your file to the list or by clicking "Add" and selecting the file in the open dialog.

2. If you want to concatenate several movies repeat step 1

3. Select a passage you want to exclude from the exported movie. You can use the mouse or the cursor keys.

4. Click the Button "Selection -> Commercials".

5. Repeat step 3 for all passages you want to remove, e.g. for all commercials.

6. Select "Export" from the "File"-Menu, select the codec and start the export process.

7. While the export is in progress, you may load another movie file, cut it and export it as well.