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MySQL to Microsoft SQL server database migrating application provides transformation solution for user to convert their MySQL database files to MSSQL format without changing original structure of the database. Database file converter tool supports all database entities, default value, null value, attributes, data types and key constraints. RDBMS db file transformer utility converts MySQL database to MSSQL proficiently under the environment of windows 98, NT, ME, 2000 (professional, server, advance server), XP (home, professional, media center), 2003 and Vista operating system installed. MySQL database migrating application is used for converting any version of MySQL (4.0, 4.1, 5.0) to MSSQL (2000, 2005). Automatic database converter software transform MySQL data base to MSSQL by selecting entire database or selected tables records and save it at any desired location on hard disk by user. MySQL DB files transforming utility provide interactive graphical user interface for user to transform MySQL database files to MSSQL server format easily. MySQL to MSSQL database conversion software provides inbuilt user help manual to support user in various steps of database transformation. MySQL to MSSQL database conversion utility supports for all key constraints like unique key, public key and foreign key.
* MySQL database transformation program is compatible with key constraints like unique key, primary key and foreign key.
*MySQL to MSSQL provides interactive graphical user interface for users to works easily without need of technical knowledge.
* MySQL database file transforming application facilitates easy wizard for database conversion.
* Application does not affect database integrity and schema at the moment of database transformation.