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Convert MySQL to MSSQL

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Database conversion from one format to another is very easy and fast in a single click within few minutes by using MySQL to MSSQL database conversion software. Database synchronization tool migrate entire or selected MySQL database table rows columns into Microsoft SQL. Relational database utility maintains table schema, index, triggers, structure, normalization, stored procedures during migration process. Database migration application keeps primary, unique, foreign key constraints, attributes, null and default values. Database conversion tool facilitates to save generated database at specified location separately or to overwrite the existing one. Database transfer application supports all latest versions of MSSQL (2000, 2005) and MySQL (4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1). MySQL to MSSQL converter utility provides both install and uninstall support. Database migration program easily works on widows 98 ME NT 2000 2003 server XP Vista operating systems and provides interactive graphical user interface with software manuals for user help and support. Db conversion tool is read only, non destructive and maintains database originality and functionality without any loss or harm in your original database. MySQL to MSSQL database translator utility does not require any special technical skills to operate the software.
MySQL to MSSQL database converter software Features:
* Database migratory tool converts complete or selected MySQL database table into MSSQL.
* MySQL to MSSQL database conversion software ensures accuracy, reliability, integrity and synchronization.
* Software supports windows 98 ME NT 2000 2003 server XP and Vista operating systems.
* Database migration utility supports all latest versions of MSSQL and MySQL database server.
* Database synchronization application reduces database migration complexity and prevents data redundancy during conversion process.