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MSSQL to MySQL database synchronization software converts database file from MSSQL to MySQL format with all attributes. Database conversion application supports indexes and default values including primary key, null value, unique key constraints with all necessary characteristics. MSSQL database converter utility is responsible for easy and accurate database conversion from source database format (MSSQL) to destination database format (MySQL). Database migrator tool provides full support to Unicode architecture and multibyte character set. MSSQL database conversion software is based on graphical user interface, program can easily be operated by any technical or non technical user. MSSQL to MySQL distributed database converter application supports all latest versions of Microsoft SQL and MySQL server with full installation and uninstallation support on windows operating system. Database synchronization utility is the easiest tool to migrate user’s selected individual record or group of database table from MSSQL to MySQL. MSSQL database file conversion tool can overwrite contents of the existing MySQL database file.
* MSSQL database converter software provides reliable and error free database file conversion support.
* Database migration application supports windows operating systems including windows 98, 2000, 2003, NT, ME, XP and windows Vista.
* Database synchronization tool allows restoration of converted database at user specified location in the hard disk.
* MSSQL to MySQL database synchronization utility provides wizard style graphical user interface.
* Distributed database converter program supports all database attributes, indexes, data types, key constraints of MSSQL and MySQL server.