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Help Desk Premier software is the flagship product for BrightBox solutions. Coming from such a reputable company ensures the product’s quality. It is an all-inclusive task center that permits seamless system-wide network management and customer support. Adding a new employee is made simple with this program as devices can be checked out to them and usernames and passwords can be created in the same template. After the first time you add a new employee, the intuitive program retains the form and information making the addition of future employees easier. From an online portal, technical support can monitor bandwidth usage, block groups of websites from any computer connected to the server, manage company inventory down to individual hardware, and provide around the clock support to customers. The product allows an unlimited amount of end users to utilize the software without needing to purchase additional licenses. No matter if the user is a purchaser or coworker, they are able to download updates, articles, new software as released by the support department, and any other ‘downloadable’ items through the Help Desk Premiere portal or application. To inquire about the purchase of this time-saving product, hit our site at http://www.help-desk-software.com.