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AES 256-bit Pdf Security Locker

Pdf encryption
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A security software that locks PDF files assures document owners of the security of their files limiting access to documents only to those who are authorized to view, copy, edit, and/or print out locked PDF files. How can one lock PDF files? Through AdroitPDF Locker, a security software designed to encrypt data without losing data integrity enables document owners to customize restriction settings and lock PDF documents in such a way that only those authorized and assigned with a password can access the PDF Files. Once PDF files are locked, it can only be accessed by either the owner password or the user password. Owners and different users may have varied restriction settings allowing document owners to customize access levels of their PDF files. AdroitPDF Locker is built with the latest innovative technology in data encryption that supports data security levels RC4-40 bit, RC4-128 bit, AES-128 bit, and AES-256 bit. It is designed compatible with Windows 7, Windows 2003, Vista, and XP, making this security software ideal for both personal and business use. Document handling and PDF locking becomes convenient and manageable with AdroitPDF Locker’s user friendly tools allowing easy customization of access restriction settings and enabling document owners to process and lock multiple PDF files at a time with Adroit PDF locker’s capability to lock PDF files in batch modes.