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MagnetSVN Personal (32bit)

Evgeny Knyazev
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MagnetSVN is a Microsoft Office add-in designed to track changes in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 documents. MagnetSVN uses well-known Subversion version control for version tracking. Subversion is open-source free software well-known of its power and reliability. The main MagnetSVN features are: integration with Microsoft Office ribbon interface, support of most important Subversion commands, document status displaying, automatic local repository and working copy creation, smart document reloading, automatic merging of shared Excel workbooks, secure protocols support. You can use MagnetSVN to store your project documentation under existing Subversion code repository. Also MagnetSVN will help you to record document changes in Subversion history, send links to documents to colleagues for review. MagnetSVN is intelligent enough to automatically merge Excel shared workbooks' changes.