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Visual Data Trellis Charts

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Create clear and effective excel charts. Modern charting technology gives you actionable insights into your business.

Visual Data Trellis Charts adds eight new chart types previously unavailable in Excel. These include Parallel Plots, Box Plots, Dot Plots, and more. Users will also be able to create trellis chart layouts allowing them to analyse many pieces of data at the same time in a clear and effective manner.

Visual Data Trellis Charts integrates the modern charting capabilities of R with the familiar interface of Excel. It works by running R commands on your Excel data and displaying the resulting chart. Most importantly, it is fast and easy to use.


Box Plots are used to display a compact summary of the spread of values in a distribution.

Density Plots are used to display the density of values in a distribution. They display more detail than Box Plots.

Dot Plots are used to display numerical values arranged by category. They are good at showing the clusters and outliers within the data.

Parallel Plots are used to discover patterns across many numerical values. They are especially useful when using a categorical value for grouping.

Quantile-Quantile Plots are used to compare two distributions of values against each other. The data points represent the relative densities of the two distributions plotted against each other.

Quantile-Quantile Math Plots are used to compare a distribution of values against either the Normal Distribution or the Uniform Distribution. If the data points appear in a straight diagonal then it is a good fit.

Scatter Plots are used to compare numerical values against each other. This window can also be used to create Line Plots for displaying trends over time.

Scatter Plot Matrices are used to compare many numerical values with each other. They are good for discovering the relationship between values and also the pattern across relationships.