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Aella is a windows mass email programme designed to create HTML and text emails for targeted campaigns or newsletters to increase your profits!

Easy to use
Aella provides everything you need to get up and running within minutes of starting the application. From handy hints and tips right through to e-mail templates and simple to use scripts to capture your subscribers email addresses on your website. We can even host these lists for you!

Marketing software for people who get results!
Aella lets you maintain an unlimited number of separate mailing lists to better allow you to target the right audience and increase your . Aella's advanced email composing screen allows you to effectively handle HTML quickly & easily to give an extremely professional feel to your emails.


# Easy to setup and use
# Works right from your Windows PC (Mac and Linux OS not supported)
# Works on Windows Vista!
# Compatible with web editors like Dreamweaver and FrontPage
# Built-in database to manage lists
# Supports embedded images
# Works with your existing ISP mail settings
# Handles unsubscribing
# Multiple mailing lists
# Multi threading support
# Plain text or HTML emails
# Send attachments unlimited in size
# Advanced HTML support
# Quick preview of email
# Clone previous emails to speed up production
# FREE HTML templates
# Simple to use scripts to add to your site to capture subscribers details
# Import subscribers from a .TXT or .CSV file and even a MySQL database (or just copy and paste)
# Export email addresses to a .TXT or .CSV file and even a MySQL database
# Slick and impressive user interface
# Hosting of subscriber details online
# Email failure monitoring
# No monthly fees like email services
# 100% satisfaction guarantee
# Use for email newsletters, announcements, mass personalized email campaigns and more