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PROBILZ EXP ED Retail Billing software

Vanuston Intelligence Private Limited
Windows, MS-DOS
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Probilz - Can help you streamline operations and maximize efficiency whether you run a quick service super market, textile and ready-made show rooms, Grocery, home appliances, hardware/electrical, Footwear, Mobile store, gift store, jewelry and watch store, bakery and sweet shop, Optical and all types of retail business establishment. Bar code generator /and reader integrated, Multiple system integration as a server-client technology
*Probilz is custom - made to tailor your requirements.
*Allows you to manage customers, inventory, suppliers and product sales
*Track purchase orders and update inventory records dynamically
*Save time by using Probilz software to calculate daily sales
*Enhance customer service with access to discounts, suggested items and past purchases
*Increase profits by identifying hot sellers and items with strong profit margins
*Reduce the time per transaction and increase customer satisfaction
Some Important Features of the Software are:

1. User Friendly interface.
2. Platform Independent.
3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
4. Alert Management.
5. High level of data security.
6. Automatic backups.
7. Customizable Reporting 100+
8. Good quality and Affordable.
9.Frequent updates.
10.Advanced Vendor Management