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RNS:: Speedometer GPS is the first GPS speedometer for Palm OS. It provides fairly accurate readings based on the GPS data received from the satellite system. It can measure the instantaneous speed of any moving vehicle.

High precision:
The ordinary speedometer in your car is normally not that precise - tolerance of a 10% error is allowed! Further inaccuracies might occur due to wear on tires, or their actual size if replaced. Conditions such as temperature, pressure, and vehicle load might add to that. Finally, car speedometers are intentionally set to show a little bit higher speed than the actual speed of your vehicle - this is supposed to help you obey speed limits.

Skins support:
RNS:: Speedometer GPS can be greatly customized with the use of skins. You may switch them at any moment to get a brand new look of the application. We have created several high resolution skins for your Palm device available on our official website. You can also create your own skins to customize the application even more! Visit the product's official website to start creating your skins.

Visual characteristics:
- Shows current speed on a big analog display and on a digital LCD screen
- Calculates traveled distance using two independent odometers (resetable)
- Calculates average and maximum speed (resetable) and marks them on the scale
- Shows current altitude (height above sea level)
- Shows current heading in two modes: graphic (like a compass) or numeric
- Several LCD displays (the number of which depends on the selected skin) can be adjusted to show any of the calculated characteristics, as well as current time
- Adjustable range of the speedometer's scale

General characteristics:
- Adjustable speed and distance unit (MPH or km/h, feet or meters, knots/nautical miles)
- Visual and audible alerts on exceeding the selected minimum or maximum speed
- Can automatically stop working when speed falls down to zero
- Calculated statistics can be copied to system clipboard
- Device...