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This Excel spreadsheet allows you to assign 25 daily tasks to 25 employees for 7 days. Each employee can be assigned to as many tasks as necessary each day and as many people as you need can be assigned to a single task. Employee availability can be specified in 3 time-blocks each day and you will be warned if you assign someone to a task when he is not available thereby avoiding scheduling errors. Time is tracked in 15 minute increments for the purpose of determining if an employee is scheduled to be available and for finding overlapping task assignments. This series of spreadsheets is very popular with home care businesses that send caregivers to several client homes each day. The program interacts with QuickBooks Pro to transfer employee timesheet information for use in client invoices and employee payroll. The spreadsheet creates a vCalendar file to transfer schedules to your PDA, Smart Phone and Outlook Calendar for handy reference. It produces individual and group schedules that can be automatically sent by e-mail to your employees and clients. The spreadsheet is available in several different sizes for scheduling between 25 and 200 employees to 25 and 200 daily tasks. Microsoft Excel 2007 is required for these spreadsheets.
Spreadsheets for other scheduling applications are available at the website.