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Nenad Tesovic
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Tomato is software that enables complete management of martial art tournaments. It is a powerful tool that enables fast competitor registration, provides several types of reports and modern design tournament charts.


# Simple and fast data setup for competition including logo for printable reports
# Easy entering of competitors by retriving them from competitor database
# Maximum of 1000 competitors per weight category
# Quick category selection and their optimal arranging over competition areas
# Automatic lot with intelligent match enumeration (can disjoin competitors from the same team)
# Printing descriptive graphical reports for each category
# Printing list of competitors and all their match numbers for each club
# Simple tournament management by monitoring all categories and matches graphicaly
# Automatic calculation and printing of team placement
# Support for issuing diplomas
# Printing final graphical reports with results of all matches
# Printing descriptive report with medal winners for each category

Note: Denominated features are just a part of program's functionality, which were estimated as most important during first acquaintance with it.