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Bulk SMS Windows Mobile
Easy to use text messaging application is created to deliver friendship sms to all your friends’ cell phones from laptop or PC at free of cost. Bulk SMS Windows Mobile utility is used to send sports and entertainment news to all people at same time.
Bulk SMS USB Modem
Company provides Bulk SMS USB Modem software enables user for broadcasting standard messages and sms to friends and relatives anywhere in the world by using USB modem devices connected to your computer system without need of internet connection.
Android Bulk SMS
Successfully running bulk sms software for android mobile phone that enables the user to safely and fastly transferring text messages, sms, professional data etc from your personal computer to any connected GSM or CDMA based mobile phone simply.
Android PC to SMS
Android bulk sms software is completely all-in-one instant communication tool that allowed user to forward thousands of alerts, reminders or text messages with personalized data to promote new product, enhance sales or better customer interaction.
BlackBerry Group SMS Software
Rich text SMS sending utility delivers job alerts, event details, meeting schedules etc in easiest and fastest way. BlackBerry group SMS software simply broadcasts thousands of business related messages to all around the world in short span of time.
SMS BlackBerry Application
Black berry group text messaging software is perfect utility to quickly broadcast important company details to limitless receiver in few minutes and facilitates users to remain in touch with their employees, business members, customers and many more.
Bulk Messaging Program
Group messaging software sends messages like job alerts, business news, promotional campaigns etc without internet connection. Bulk text messaging program broadcasts mass messages to all national and international mobile networks just in one click.
Mobile Marketing
Highly reliable and comprehensive mobile marketing software designed especially for Windows based or GSM cellular phone users to send unlimited text messages, events reminders, business news, greeting cards, discount offers etc to group of people.
Bulk SMS from PC
Innovative bulk SMS from PC software facilitates user to send business notification alerts, job opening details, market recent launches, special discount offers, product campaigns and other information to desired targeted audience in least time span.
Bulk SMS Gateway
Nokia bulk SMS forwarding utility is a perfect marketing tool for all business organizations to broadcast messages for their product promotion. Bulk text messaging software effectively functions at both national and international networks globally.
Mac Bulk SMS for Android
Bulk SMS Software for Android facilitates users to broadcast group text messages to multiple contact numbers from computer to global mobile phone without any requirement of internet gateway. Messaging utility promotes new product among mass audience.
SMS Text Application
With the aid of SMS Text Application you can attach multiple numbers of GSM mobile phones to the computer and send several text messages concurrently with bulk SMS software. Smart SMS text Program has various amazing features and options.
Mac Bulk SMS Group Software
www.bulksmsgroup.com provides users with facility of communicate with relatives and friends by broadcasting unlimited sms within short period of time. Mac Bulk SMS Group Software helps in updating people about new products launch by sending sms.
SMS GSM Gateway
Company presents mass text messaging application to communicate with worldwide GSM mobile phone users in cost effective manner with an option to connect USB modem with your PC and successfully deliver group SMS among multiple people at same time.
Technically Advanced SMS GSM Modem application is a freeware facility which has a highest capability to send multiple numbers of text SMS for your nearest or dearest persons in your life with the help of USB modems connected to PC.
SMS Marketing
Professional text SMS broadcasting utility easily creates and sends any personalized message from your pocket PC connecting through your personal computer or laptop to any user’s mobile number residing on the same local location or outside country.
Pocket PC Group Messaging Tool
Pocket PC group messaging tool sends unlimited number of sms to any national or international cell phones. Group text message broadcasting software safely composes and broadcasts bulk messages worldwide without any internet connection.
Bulk SMS Group
Use Bulk SMS Group software provides a way to send multiple text messages to individual or group of mobile users from your laptop or desktop by connecting your pocket pc or PDA devices to your computer without any need of internet connection.
Online SMS
Professional bulk SMS software for smart windows based mobile phones facilitates business users to easily develop and broadcast limitless Non English character sms (Unicode messages) to individual or group of peoples in few clicks of mouse.
SMS for Windows
Windows based mobile phone bulk sms utility facilitates you to compose and transmit thousand of business alerts inform text messages from computer to other mobile networks worldwide without using internet connection and in minimum span of time.