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Perfect Android Free Bulk SMS is available at www.freebulksmssoftware.com which provides user interactive interface to deliver mass text messages simultaneously on any national as well as international contact numbers. Bulk sms sending tool supports extra ordinary feature to import contact details from txt or xls saved files. Mobile sms sending app is easy to use tool which automatically delete replicated contact details occurred due to fetching numbers from other phone. Bulk sms software facilitates you to forward job alerts, notifications, product advertisement, etc. Professional sms composing software is specially designed for various commercial organizations like banking, retail business, hospitals, etc to reduce cost of business advertisement and increase product sales. Android based sms sending app allows user to use list wizard to keep update contact list of your cell phone. Bulk sms composing software supports extensive facility to send mass message to individual or group using Unicode language. Effective business sms broadcasting software is comprehensive solution which provides facility to save sending messages in different file format so that user can view any time. Sophisticated free bulk sms publishing application is compatible with major android technology based smart phone brand manufacturer like Samsung, HTC, Apple, etc.
* Android Free Bulk SMS software is used to deliver bulk text message without delay delivery from personal computer to smart phones.
* Online sms sending software provides flexible facility to make changes in saved contact details using list wizards.
* Sms sending software supports extraordinary feature to remove redundant recipient details caused due to importing contact from other locations.
* Android based bulk text message broadcasting software facilitates you to deliver sms on national and international number.
* Text sms sending application supports facility to send message without any internet connection.