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Developer offers online SMS message broadcasting program that forwards mass amount of message text to multiple phone book records in single mouse clicks consuming minimal duration of time period compatible with all major brand name manufacturers of GSM technology based cell phone devices. Advanced online text messages publishing application effectively removes redundant entries from the list of SMS recipients caused due to importing contact details from more than one source of user phone number details like mobile phonebook, system saved excel files, contact groups and manual number entries. Powerful and efficient online SMS message forwarding software provides finest feature of text SMS delayed delivery for improving business product/services publicity by pausing message sending process for small time period after transmitting specified number of text SMS reducing network load congestion. Versatile bulk SMS sending software provides simplest mobile phone connection wizard that guides non-technical end user at every step with graphical manual guide for message composing and forwarding process making mass SMS transmission a task to be operated with ease by novice person. Professional online SMS message publishing software provides user finest means to send bulk quantity of sms to cell phone worldwide with a SMS composer allowing user to create text message of desired length having no character limitations for sending complete details of latest release, business offers, market news, notifications, special discounts, job alerts and many more.
* Text SMS publishing application provides facility to remove duplicate entries from SMS recipients list.
* Bulk messages broadcasting program supports all type of GSM technology based cell phone devices.
* Online SMS message sending software forwards mass amount of text within few simple mouse clicks.