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Technically sound and affordable message sending program facilitate you to compose massive text SMS to selective phone numbers or individual from PC using any technology based mobile phones. Professionally developed PC to SMS tool provides the way to keep in touch regularly with your relatives, business friends and marketing clients through group messages like updating product price, event notification and much more regarding your business or personal without establishing internet connection. Automatic freeware bulk text message sending tool assists you to send your group SMS on national or international mobile phone networks in cost effective manner within few seconds. With the help of advance PC to SMS software you can send your messages consist of English and non-English characters for the convenience of others. Reliable and powerful bulk text messaging utility deliver your text SMS in user understandable format containing both English and Unicode characters in short span of time. Highly advanced bulk PC to SMS program easily sends your customized messages from your Pocket PC to other user mobile phones all over the world and keep you in touch with them without making costly phone calls. PC to SMS software is organized with user friendly GUI real time environment and doesn’t require any technical skill or expertise to operate it. Flexible text messaging utility facilitates user to sending multiple text SMS and save their time from typing the same messages again and again. Easy to download PC to SMS tool assists you to communicate instantly through SMS without having any internet connection or gateway in cost effective manner.
Extraordinary Features:
*Facilitate you to compose personalized SMS and sends to your friends easily.
* Promote your business and marketing services in reasonable price.
*Enable you to send SMS conveniently in both English and Unicode characters.