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Email Address Grabber for Yahoo tool has the capacity to fetch email ids in bulk from your Yahoo account. The tool can harvest ids from folders like Inbox, sent, draft, etc. easily. To get email ids from these folders you just need select the choice given & you will be catered what you need. The work does not stop here. You can even get email addresses from fields like To, From, BCC, CC, etc. For this step too you have mark the options provided. So you can harvest email ids from all parts of your account without any difficulty.

It has capacity to fetch thousands of email addresses in a list form. You can harvest the data from all the folders like - inbox, sent items, drafts, trash and much more. For extracting the addresses from these folders, you have to select the specific folders in which you require data.

Yahoo email extractor consist a simple interface that is user-friendly and provide so many options for the benefits of the individuals. Its main features make this software unique, speedy and accurate among all including the reasonable price of installing in the system

Main Features of Yahoo mail grabbers.

1. Extract all Email id's from your Yahoo mail account.

2. Very fast tool to extract emails.

3. You can extract email from Inbox, from ,CC, BCC etc.

4. It can also extract emails from various folders made by you.

5. You can save Email id;s in Excel format or in a text file.

Within few minutes you can all your yahoo contacts and email ids.