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Yahoo Email Address Grabber apparatus has the ability to get email ids in mass from Yahoo account. The tool can harvest ids from folders of Yahoo like Inbox, draft, sent, etc. effortlessly. To get email ids from these folders you simply need to select the decision given & you will be provided food what you require. The work does not stop here. You can even get email addresses from fields like To, From, BCC, CC, etc. For this stride too you have check the alternatives given. So you can collect ids from all parts of your account without any trouble.

This email id grabber has various decisions to bring ids. It even has an alternative to restrict duplicate ids from getting downloaded. For that you will need to click choice 'Don't rundown Duplicate Emails'. These decisions save huge effort & time of yours. It lives up to expectations at an astonishing rate & precisely gives what you request. All the email addresses that are extracted can be saved either in .TXT & in .CSV forms. With the goal that you can use them in future. It is the best Yahoo email id extractor accessible at this sensible cost.