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Hotmail Email Address Extractor software is an ingenious start towards harvesting mail ids from a Hotmail account. It ends the work instantly & correctly provides the details user wants. This email harvester can even fetch email addresses from Outlook.com and also has the facility of getting email ids from Live.com. The software with its speed & accuracy saves a huge amount of time & effort of yours.

This email ids harvester has all the latest features rigged that are totally unique in nature. These features give huge choices of extracting email ids to the users in the way they want. It even caters choice to harvest email ids from folders of Hotmail. You can choose folders according to your choice like Inbox, Outbox, Draft, Sent, etc. To fetch email addresses from them. So you can harvest email from any of the folder or all of them in one go. Even email ids from fields like CC, BCC, To, etc. Can also be harvested easily.

Along with all these amazing features, it also has the option to save the list of email ids extracted. You can save the list either in .CSV or in.TXT format as per your need. You can even reject the duplicate email ids from the list, with the assistance of the option given. So the software gets email ids for you, from wherever you want and then also saves it for you.

This tool is multitasking and user-friendly that fulfills all needs of our users regarding email ids from Hotmail. It is the best software to fetch email ids from Hotmail accounts.

Some of Key Features Of Hotmail Email Address Extractor-

1. Extract email ids from the account of Hotmail in bulk.
2. You can use multiple accounts one by one to get email ids.
3. It can extract email ids from folders of Hotmail like Inbox, Outbox, Sent, etc.
4. It can harvest email ids from fields like CC, BCC, etc.
5. The email ids extracted can be saved either in .CSV or .TXT format.
6. It has been designed in such a way that everyone can utilize it in daily office work.