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Outlook Email Address Finder is effective tool which is used for extracting email addresses from different MS Outlook Files. The Outlook Email extractor which helps in extracting the emails from different folders and sub-folders. Outlook email finder tool is able to process folders like draft, in-box, sent items, contacts, out-box, for extracting email. The tool allows to add a number of .PST files to specifically selected accounts and profiles which solves the problem of recovering outlook mails.
This tool can be called as Outlook express mail because it is extremely effective and reliable. It has filtration option. It is added so that this tool can be able to automatically remove the email addresses or copied addresses. This feature also filter the result for relevant information and it will remove the non-relevant information. It also provide the save option for resultant mails. This tool can save the extracted information in .CSV which opens in Excel or in .TXT which opens in notepad. This tool work as a single process. It can process large number of files in just one click.
This tool is working on every version of Outlook like 2003, 2007 and also 2012. It can work in both win-32 and win-64 bit versions. The tool can easily read .PST for extracting the email addresses. This tool helps in collecting the email list in a minute with few clicks. It has user friendly interface and user can easily use this for extracting email address from MS outlook.
This outlook mail consume less time for extracting email address by processing multiple folder. Many organizations using this tool for collecting the relevant emails in few clicks. The tool influence the online email marketing campaigns. It can be downloaded very easily. It can works in Window XP, VISTA, WIN 7 and WIN 8.