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'My GPS Desk' is a computer program designed for monitoring of the trajectories of moving objects in real-time, storing and analyzing the data collected. GPS trackers or cell phones with GPS function can be used as devices supplying information about location.
'My GPS Desk' is a data collection server, remote controller, GPS mapping and monitoring tool which gives you maximum performance and visibility.
* 'My GPS Desk' is your server. It works in your home or office under your complete control.
* There is no restriction on the volume and duration of information storage, processing methods.
* High performance. The server is able to simultaneously receive information from hundreds of trackers, displaying their trajectories on the map and information about velocity, mileage, and parking time.
* Low hardware requirements level. Standard netbook is enough to handle hundreds of moving objects without significant load on the computer system.
* Minimum internet bandwidth required. The geo-mapping information is downloaded to the local storage on the first request and then only local copy of the data is used.
* Parking location and duration are determined smartly reducing amount of stored data even when signals from GPS satellites are at low level.
* Very easy to install and operate. Installation takes less than a minute.
* 'My GPS Desk' is absolutely free for non-commercial use (up to 3 devices).