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The Bulk Mailer Pro is a fast Bulk Mail Software development to help send Bulk Email to a large number of email IDs in a single operation to Inbox and not Spam. The purpose of this tool is to make Bulk emailing process fast and precise and it has been equipped with a whole lot of advanced features to serve this purpose. Users can import email IDs from a text or excel files to send bulk email. This feature speeds up Bulk emailing process manifolds. Most important features of this software tool are personalized email option. The tool allows the user to send personalized emails with unique matter to a large number of recipients using data from excel sheet. The tool allows the user to attach different types of files to emails. It also provides a log file providing all information about sending and failed email. The tool is compatible with different versions of windows operating system and is very easy to download.
The utility of Bulk Mailer Pros like this one is immense in present scenario.

Key Points of Bulk Mailer Pro:-

1) Send email directly to inbox, not in spam

2) You can send emails to 1000's of recipients in no time using this Bulk Mail Software.

3) You can use free emails accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail,Lycos & others to send emails.

4) Bulk Mailer lets your email land in the Inbox.

5)This Email sender lets the user send a Bulk email to a large number of email IDs simultaneously.

6) Allows the user to import email IDs from text or Excel files.

7) Also lets the user to send personalized emails with unique content to a large number of IDs in one single operation.

8) It can be used as a Group email sender top send Group emails to a particular group of people.

Great tool to send bulk Mails to Inbox