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PST Mail Server for Outlook®

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Access your Outlook® e-mails on the way without the need of Exchange®!

With the PST Mail Server for Outlook® you can access all your e-mails saved in your local Microsoft Outlook® installation on the way without the need of a Microsoft Exchange® Server.

This product provides you with an easy to setup POP3 and optionally also IMAP interface to receive your Outlook® e-mails within any e-mail client you want to use. You can even send e-mails on the way through your Outlook® installation using the SMTP interface of the PST Mail Server for Outlook®.

So what's the sense for that?
- You have just one place where all your e-mails are store: in your own Outlook® PST file.
- You can use Outlook® filters making sure that you receive only important e-mails e. g. on your mobile phone.
- Every e-mail sent by your mobile phone is placed as sent object in your Outlook®.
- Even more than one user can use the same Outlook® installation - just like an Exchange® server.

If you're using a Polycom VOIP phone there is an additional add-on to access Outlook® contacts directly in your phone again without the need of an Exchange® server.

Features of the PST Mail Server for Outlook® at a glance:
- Access Outlook® e-mails on the way using POP3 and optionally IMAP.
- Send e-mails on the way through Outook® using SMTP.
- All sent e-mails (e. g. via mobile phone) saved in Outlook® sent objects folder.
- Add-in for accessing Outlook® contact from a Polycom VOIP phone.
- Multi-user support without Exchange® server.
- Integrated help system.
- Automatic program updates.
- Multilingual (at the moment English and German).
- Intuitive program interface.
- Free e-mail support in case of problems or questions.
- Minor updates of full version for free.