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Recover Deleted files from USB Drive

Flash Drive Recovery
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Quick Recovery for Thumb Drive is an efficient, user -confound and result oriented application that smartly recovers the lost data from Thumb Drives. USB drive storage file restoration utility tool successfully rescue lost files and folders that get corrupted/deleted due to accidental deletion of pen drive data, virus infection, power surge, accidently formatted pen drives, software and hardware malfunctioning or due to human errors. It efficiently restores and retrieves lost, missing, deleted music files, pictures, videos, digital photos, images and text files from inaccessible removable storage device.

Special Features of Quick Recovery for Flash Drive
1. User friendly GUI with simple steps to perform recovery
2. Novice users can easily run the application
3. Return renewal device extracts the lost data from the storage device
4. Quick Recovery for Thumb Drive provides Unicode multiple lingual support
5. Absolute program recovers data even if FAT/MFT is broken
6. It stimulates previously existed partitions
7. Perform Cloning/Imaging for Thumb Drives with bad sectors
8. Software recognizes drives even if MBR, Boot record and Meta tags are not present
9. Rescue data utility recovers data if FAT/MFT Meta tags are overwritten
10. Bad sector management and recovery (BSMR) helps in optimized recovery from damaged disks
11. Software works in different modes like Evaluation, Analysis and Recovery
How it works?
1. Plug your thumb drive into your USB port
2. Install the software
3. Software displays the lost/deleted files
4. Start the recovery process
5. Save the recovered data

For users online demo version is available. Before you invest try this trial version to analyze the product proficiency. Once appeased with the functionality, you can go for its full licensed version. End users can also get their queries resolved through live chat or by email support. For more information log on to our website www.unistal.com