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IPhone4S and iPad2 copyrighted trademark of Apple inc

absinthe download tool is copyrighted with absinthedownload.com
Absinthe is free tool. But we are kindly asking you to consider some donation for Chronic Dev Team. Apple released iPhone4S on October 14, 2011 and iPad2 on March 11, 2011. Many developers have been trying to develop tool for jailbreak these devices. But they couldn't. Finally pod2g, Chronic Dev Team, iPhone Dev Team developed absinthe on January 23, 2012. Now you can successfully jailbreak iPhone4S and iPad 2
Jailbreak iPhone 4S with Absinthe

Absinthe is the only software which can use jailbreak iPhone4S. It is free software. Many sellers are selling tools and guides to jailbreak iPhone 4S. Many of these products are versions of absinthe. Some times these are just absinthe tutorial. You can find absinthe tutorials from youtube for free. Some sellers are scammers. therefore never pay for jailbreak your iPhone4S.
Why iPhone4S and iPad 2 Special than others?

Apple A5 is the latest chip of Apple. It has been used for iPhone4S and iPad2. Therefore jailbreaking process of these devices is different than others.

Apple A5 chips copyrighted to Samsung. Absinthe is the only tool which can jailbreak devices with A5 chips

When you try to download absinthe for wrong firmware version, this tool warns to you. Absinthe Download tool only compatible with Windows OS

Disclamair for absinthe download
Absinthe is 100% free to use. But it is not for comorcial use.
Absinthe developed by pod2g, Chronic Dev Team, iPhone Dev Team. Absinthe name and logo are trademarks of 2012 Chronic Dev Team and Greenpoissi0n.com

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