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Bulk SMS Broadcaster is extremely fast and reliable broadcasting tool and bulk text messaging software for sending unique message to multiple contacts from your personal computer or laptop. It can also be called as Group SMS sender. It can detect multiple mobile connection automatically. You can connect your mobile to the PC and start sending SMS to a large number of contacts. You can connect your mobile to your pc using available ports. User can select a particular mobile phone from which they want to send the SMS. It provides unique feature that it has no restriction on DND (Do Not Disturb) phone number. This tool provide variety of functions and customization option for sending a unique message. This tool has some inbuilt template for sending SMS. User can customize these template according to their specification. It allows the user to send flash SMS. It allows the user to customize SMS in any language. This tool allows user to personalizing the messages for each recipient through the Excel spreadsheets.

It allows the user to add their contact list for sending the SMS. Also user can easily manage their contact list from Excel file. User can import the contact list from excel file. User can easily modify their store contact list. This tool has some attractive feature like filtering and remove duplicate Contacts. It allows the user to remove the duplicate contacts. User can easily filter their contact list according to their requirement. This tool also provide the deleting option like selected delete, multiple delete or delete all. It also provides a facility to add country code a prefix of every number. It also provide attractive feature that it provides you with a log file that contains all the data related to the sent SMS as well as the failed SMS. The data will include the number, the message sent and the date of sending. This tool influence the people to do mass marketing through mobile SMS. It is easy to use and can easily be downloaded.