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Bulk SMS Broadcaster Standard

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Bulk SMS Broadcaster GSM Standard is bulk SMS software for sending unique SMS (TXT/FLASH) to multiple contacts. It automatically detects multiple mobile connections from internet. For connecting your mobile you have to download the PC suit and install it. You can connect your mobiles by using USB ports. After connecting your cell phone you have to select mobile connection from which you have to send the message. This tool has no 'Do Not Disturb' or DND restriction.
This bulk SMS PC to mobile enables you store the contact detail like SMS, Number, Contact or other detail etc. You can easily import that contact list for sending the SMS. It enables you to send unique SMS to multiple contacts. You can select the number list and send a unique message in just one click. It allows you to format a personal message in different language easily. It allows you to add the contact and its detail and also allows to import contact lists from excel files.
Bulk SMS software has managed capability. It enables you to manage the contact list. It provide various features like:
• Add field
• Add prefix
• Remove selected
• Remove all
• Filter number
• Remove Number
• Save project
It allows you to preview option for previewing the SMS so that you can check either message is according to your requirement or not. It enables you to send flash and standard messages. After selecting the contact list you have to compose your SMS text in textbox for sending it to multiple clients. It depends on you who type of message you want to send weather Simple SMS or Flash SMS. This SMS software allows you to see the status of SMS after sending them. Status will tell you which SMS is sending and which is failed. It removes the sent SMS contacts by filtering and sends the failed SMS again. This tool allows blocking the contact. This tool can easily be configured. This tool requires .Net Framework, Excel 2007, Window 2003/XP/2008/Vista/Win7 or Windows 8.