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Phone Number Generator is an effective tool for generating thousands of mobile numbers. It can generate 1000 numbers with in a minute without consuming much time. This is the best and greatest invention in itself. It greatest advantage is that it generate unique number with in given range. It can generate sequence series of given range of number. Attractive and good thing about this product is that it can generate the random number list with in specified range.
For the telecommunication companies it is the best tool for them to generate the mobile numbers in sequence as well as in random series. Every week they have to generate the new series of numbers to launch in the market. The uniqueness does matters a lot. So this tool has advantage for them because it can generate the list of unique number only with in specified range. So this product has become the need of telecommunication industry.
This tool has attractive features likes its user friendly design. User can easily use this tool to generate thousand of number in a minute with few clicks. It works on user requirement because user have to specify the ranger, with in which a unique series will be generate. User will select weather they want to generate random series or sequential series.
It allows the user to enter the value that how many numbers he want to generate. User can stop the ongoing process also. This tool provides the greatest feature to save the list of generated feature. User can save the list of numbers in .csv and .txt file. If company want to search the particular number then he can easily search that from the saved list. This tool is become a top quality product in market. From the sales point of view this is the highly productive tool. It can run on every platform window 8 and 7, Vista, XP. NT.