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RNS:: TopAreaCodes was renamed from RNS:: TreoAreaCodes.
It now supports Treo and Centro smartphones, so we decided to give it a more general name.
Free updates for all RNS:: products are still valid for renamed products.
RNS:: TopAreaCodes show information about the caller during a phone call: his location (country or state), area map, flag, seal, and more...
Only for Treo! No other phone has such feature. Neat, colorful, animated, practical and totally cool!

Has this ever happened to you?

Someone calls you from +39 866-408-308...
"What number is it? Where in the world is it?" - you ask yourself...
With TopAreaCodes you know it's a call from Italy!

* you'll see the name "Italy" during the call
* you'll see Italy highlighted on a map of Europe
* you'll see the Italian flag and seal
* and much more...

TopAreaCodes has a complete database of all the countries in the world!

Not only the countries!

...and if you talk to someone in the USA, similar information on his state will be displayed!
We have prepared lots of databases covering different areas (World, USA) and containing different information (maps, flags, seals). They can all be downloaded free of charge from the TopAreaCodes website!

Additional features and tools:

Install only those databases you really need.
Keep them in your Treo or on an SD card.

Find codes by areas, or areas by codes.
Use other additional practical features.