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Hide critical folders and files in your application

With Hide My Folders all your data will be secured and protected. Hide My Folders acts like an invisible shield, concealing all the files and folders you need. You will be the only person who knows about the existence of the hidden information. Moreover, Hide My Folders lets you have your folders hidden in Safe Mode, too.

Hide the folder, leaving its contents visible

Hide My Folders ActiveX provides the possibility to hide any folder, leaving all of its contents accessible. This is very important when you need your information to be invisible, though accessible, having the opportunity to add, delete and do other work with files, that are located in this particular folder.

Hide folders with all of its contents

Using profound methods of Hide My Folders ActiveX it’s easy to hide any folder together with its contents just by defining full path to it. The specified folder becomes invisible, impossible to view, access, search and delete. Even when trying to access it using command line, you will get a system message saying this folder does not exist. To add some new files to this folder, or edit the existing ones, just unhide it for a short period of time, and then hide it again

Supported IDEs
You will be able to use Hide My Folders ActiveX license in the following IDEs: Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, Microsoft VC++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Basic.Net, Visual Studio C#, Visual C.Net, some other “exotic” IDEs which our clients randomly report us about.

More Information : http://visualbasic-6.com/hide-files-and-folders.html