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.NET Scheduler Features:

Create Unlimited Jobs with Unlimited Reusable Tasks inside each Job using your favorite .NET language like C# or VB.net
Supports repetitve and fixed number of executions of Jobs. Allows for repetition interval to the millisecond and also on the clock for special need jobs.
Automate simple to the most complicated Tasks in .NET inheriting the ‘TaskBase’ class.
Support for reusable Tasks. Create Task chain in your Jobs and pass data through the Task Chain.
Support for extensive logging built in for your Tasks.
Powerful Log Viewer user interface to see what is happening inside the Samay .NET Scheduler Engine in Real Time. Searching through tons of logs has never been easier.
Have fine-grain control by creating users in one of the 3 Roles – Administrator, Configuration Writer & Configuration Reader.
Highly Flexible Job Scheduling:

Each Job can have one or more of the following Schedules to the minute…
Support for Overnight Schedules.
Exclude Dates – Supports both Global Exclude Dates (Holidays) and Job specific dates
What is Samay Enterprise Scheduler?

Samay Enterprise Scheduler is a powerful .NET scheduling system which can be used to schedule the simplest to the most complicated Jobs. It is a stand-alone system handling all your scheduling needs.It completely replaces Windows© Services & Windows© Task Scheduler for background tasks like reporting, maintenance, nightly runs and other cron-like jobs. Each Job can have one or more Tasks and each Job can have one or more schedules. Samay provides for very flexible scheduling options. Samay allows complete configurability to your Tasks. So, you can now write generic .NET Tasks (in any of your favorite language like C# or VB.net) which take in parameters from a friendly interface which an admin can customize without changing any code.

More Information : http://visualbasic-6.com/samay-net-scheduler-enterprise.html