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With ExeShield it’s easy to turn your applications into “try before you buy” software with very little effort, and maximum protection against piracy, backdating, reverse-engineering or any kind of tampering.

No extra hardware is required in order to protect your executable, but the choice is yours: choose between our 100% software-driven solution or our USB dongle version.

ExeShield will protect virtually any Win32 executable, including:

Visual Basic
C++ Builder
Visual Studio .NET 3.5 or lower
FileMaker Pro Developer
SWFKIT Pro 2 (Flash to Exe)
RealBasic for Windows
FPS Creator
Blitz Basic
Dark basic
Macromedia Flash Executables
most eBooks
Anti-debugging & Anti-monitoring Protection

ExeShield uses several different techniques for protecting your application. Special code is added to defeat most Debuggers and Monitors including W32Dasm, SoftIce, TRW 2000, Turbo Debugger, Sourcer, Filemon, ExeSpy, ResSpy, RegMon and Memory Monitor which are tools most crackers are using today. Your protected executable is also modified so it can’t run without ExeShield. Even if the protected executable was pulled out of the protection shell, it would not execute — since ExeShield modifies parts of the program.

Detects backdating or re-installation

If a user tries to play with the date on their computer to gain additional time, or tries to uninstall and reinstall your software, these attempts will fail. ExeShield’s defenses easily detect and prevent this kind of tampering.

Reliable Machine Locking Protection Machine locking prevents your software from being illegally duplicated to other machines. The license can be run on one machine only.

Invisible software-based protection requires no dongles

You do not need any extra hardware to protect your executable. ExeShield is 100% software driven.

More Information : http://visualbasic-6.com/visual-basic-powerwrap.html