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General Functions

Our component is just a class library (.Net assembly) but with powerfull abilities of exporting:

RTF to plain HTML 3.2
RTF to HTML 4.01 with CSS
RTF to HTML 5 new!
RTF to XHTML 1.01
Text to HTML
RTF to Text

The component supports converting with these features:

Full text formatting (bold, italic, underline, double underline, strike, superscript, subscript)
Images in WMF, EMF, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF formats
Tables and nested tables, border colors and border types, background
Font colors, face, size
Hyperlinks and ancors
Full Unicode (include Japanese, Chinese, Arabic/Hebrew, Russian etc)
Special characters, such as €, ™, — etc.
RTL and LTR text direction
Bullets and ordered lists
The component has methods to convert between files, strings, array of bytes, memory stream objects.

Images can be extracted from RTF and saved to HDD as physical files or stored in memory or stored inside HTML usingbase64 algorithm.

What is possible to adjust during RTF to HTML conversion?

Specify the output format: HTML 3.2, HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.01, HTML5 or plain Text
Generating output document in plain HTML 3.2 without CSS
Whether to store images on filesystem or embed them into HTML document using base64 encoding
Set united font, size and color for document
Override the table borders visibility
Set single measurement units: pixels, points, mm, ems, inches.
Set prefix to style class names in HTML
Detect hyperlinks from text and make them real hyperlinks