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Xref a utility program

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Xref is a utility program which creates a file containing the locations of identifiers used in your C and C++ programs. It sorts identifiers by name, source file, and line number. This utility runs on an IBM PC. The program is a command line utility used as follows: xref [-]filename.ext { [-]filename.ext } The - indicates that a file is a list of files. One or more files can be placed on the command line. If there are no command line arguments, the program prompts for a file name. At the prompt, only one file name is accepted; it can be a file containing a list of file names. As each file is processed, the message: "Processed filename" is displayed. When the operation is complete, the cross reference table is written to a file titled "xref.out" in the local directory. Any previous output file is overwritten. The file is in text format.