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Face Detection and Recognition

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Face Detection and Recognition is a high-performance SDK that allows developers to add face recognition capabilities to desktop, mobile and web-based applications. The library detects a face (or faces) in still images and live video, builds the so-called face signature which is a mathematical description of a human face based on the coordinates of facial features, such as eyes, eyebrows, lips and nose tip. These signatures are used to perform face matching to find photos with similar of identical faces. The software development kit can be used in developing face-based image search systems, biometric authentication and video surveillance applications.

Here’s how Face Detection and Recognition can work in the security area. The library can be used in creating biometric identification software that performs face identification in live video stream from video surveillance cameras. The system can detect the face of a passer-by in live video and perform face matching against the database of registered face signatures. The person can be recognized without letting him know about it.

Face Detection and Recognition is distributed as 4 products on a royalty-free basis, so the developer can create and sell as many products with the library as needed without additional fees. Face Detection SDK and Face Recognition SDK are sold for a fixed price, while Face Detection SDK for ARM and Face Recognition SDK for ARM are available for a custom price as the developers create a custom version of the SDK based on the requirements of the client.